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Border to Coast Pensions Partnership is one of the largest pension pools in the UK and was established in 2018. One of eight national Local Government pools, Border to Coast oversees the investment of pensions assets, bringing together £43 billion investments of 12 like-minded Local Government Pension Scheme funds.

Border to Coast has created an FCA regulated investment company (“Border to Coast Pensions Partnership Ltd”) to manage the assets of its 12 Partner Funds through both internal and external management within a number of investment vehicles, including an Authorised Contractual Scheme.

During the period to 2020, we will continue to develop our investment capabilities including the launch of further investment funds. To enable us to do this, we are currently recruiting high calibre colleagues to work in a customer-focused environment ensuring Border to Coast delivers exceptional investment services to its Partner Funds.

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This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved from the start of what will be one of the largest pension pools in the UK.  We want to create a customer-owned and customer-focussed asset manager that has long-term, responsible and sustainable investment at the heart of its philosophy.

Rachel Elwell, Chief Executive Officer