Investment Insight: Private Credit (September 2021)

What drives private credit markets? Portfolio Manager Linda Desforges explains the key issues in the market, and the challenges when selecting managers.

Investment Insight: Private Credit |



Covid-19 – The impact on infrastructure (September 2021)

What are the key characteristics of infrastructure investments? James Thelwell, Portfolio Manager, delves into the impact of Covid-19 on the sector and the opportunities and risks over the next year.

Covid-19 – The Impact on Infrastructure |


Investment Insight: Equity (September 2021)

James McLellan, Senior Portfolio Manager, dives into the stock market performance, what the risks are, and what the future might hold


Market Insight: Outlook for Inflation (August 2021)

With inflation spiking, Daniel Booth, Chief Investment Officer, discusses the outlook and what it could mean for future investment returns.

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Investment Insight: Fixed Income (June 2021)

Daniel Loughney explains the drivers of valuations in fixed income and looks at the outlook from here.

Investment Insight: Fixed Income |


How has COVID impacted the equity markets? (April 2021)

Mark Lyon, Head of Internal Management, looks at how Covid hit the stock market and explains who were the winners, and who were the losers.

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The economic impacts of a year in a pandemic (April 2021)

Chief Investment Officer Daniel Booth examines major economies hit by the pandemic, how asset classes reacted, and how concerned we should be about the scale of government debt as a result.

The economic impacts of a year in a pandemic |


The big picture from a macro perspective (November 2019)

Chief executive Rachel Elwell discussed stock market and fund launches in a film for Asset TV .

The big picture from a macro perspective |



ESG – LGPS Institutional Masterclass

In this Masterclass the panel discusses everything from ‘Net Zero’, to engagement, to the greening of the global economy.

Sustainable Investing (June 2021)

Jane Firth, Head of Responsible Investing, joined an expert panel looking at the case for sustainable investing in equities

Sustainable Investing Masterclass series | Sustainable Investing in Equities |


Infrastructure Masterclass (February 2021)

James Thelwell speaks about risk and return in the infrastructure sector, and the pros and cons of co-investing, in this top panel on infrastructure.

Infrastructure | LGPS Institutional Masterclass |


ESG: LGPS Masterclass (June 2019)

How do you put in place an effective and efficient ESG policy? Jane Firth, Head of Responsible Investment, sits on this panel examining the case for ESG in the LGPS.

ESG | LGPS Institutional Masterclass |






Why should the LGPS be concerned about rising inflation – March 2021


Green Bonds – April 2021