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Border to Coast seeks ESG data support

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  • ESG data providers invited to support Border to Coast’s work as a responsible investor
  • Data needed across traditional global assets and private market investments

 Border to Coast Pensions Partnership is seeking data providers to support its work as a responsible investor and enhance the integration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into its investment process.

As the largest UK LGPS pension pool representing c£55bn of assets, Border to Coast invites suitable ESG data providers to apply for an initial two-year contract.

The system(s) should have the capability to:

  • Provide ESG data (including carbon data) and research on companies and securities across a wide range of asset classes.
  • Provide scenario analysis and stress testing functionality in relation to ESG and climate related risks.
  • Provide output to support reporting requirements against a variety of responsible investment regulations, voluntary initiatives and industry standards.

Jane Firth, Head of Responsible Investing, Border to Coast, said: “ESG factors are at the heart of our investment process at Border to Coast. As a responsible investor representing 11 LGPS funds we believe that ESG issues have a real impact on a business’s resilience and ability to provide long-term financial returns. We need reliable data to support our fundamental investment analysis, decision-making, and ongoing active engagement with companies.

“We are seeking providers that can help enhance the integration, monitoring, and reporting requirements of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors across the wide range of asset classes in which we invest.”

The successful bid, or bids, will enhance Border to Coast’s status as responsible investor and support its work as an active, engaged asset manager across global equities, fixed income, alternatives, and private markets including infrastructure, private equity, and private credit.

The final date for submissions is 1 October 2021. Applicants can submit tenders for one, several, or all lots. The lots are separated into 1) Carbon emissions/foot-print data; 2) Carbon scenario analysis; and 3) Environmental, Social and Governance data.

For more information contact: procurement@bordertocoast.org.uk

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