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Border to Coast seeks support for Real Estate manager searches

Ruins of Barnard Castle towering above the River Tees.
  • Advisers on local government framework invited to support Border to Coast’s work to select Investment Managers and Fund Consultants
  • Border to Coast is looking to launch UK direct and Global indirect Real Estate Funds over the next two years

Border to Coast Pensions Partnership is seeking an Adviser to support its search for a UK Investment Manager and a Global Fund Consultant as it moves towards the launch of its Real Estate Proposition on behalf of its 11 Partner Funds.  With a potential target size of £3.5bn, the UK Fund would be one of the largest FCA regulated pooled Real Estate Funds in the UK.  The Global Fund, which will look to invest up to £1.5bn in the best Funds outside of the UK, is expected to launch next year with the UK fund to follow.

As the largest UK LGPS pension pool representing c£55bn of assets, Border to Coast is using an established Local Government procurement framework to select an Advisor to lead the selection process for the UK Investment Manager and Global Fund Consultant.

Tim Sankey, Head of Real Estate Investment Management, Border to Coast, said: “Investing in Real Estate is central to our Partner Funds’ strategy to achieve their long-term pension objectives.  We are looking to build a durable, cost-effective Real Estate capability to allow them to access the best investments, not just in the UK but across the global market.  The successful Adviser will play a crucial role in helping us find the best Manager and Consultant to allow us to consistently source and manage high quality investments”.

For more information contact: procurement@bordertocoast.org.uk or visit the Border to Coast procurement portal.

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