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Procurement for Multi-Manager Service

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As outlined in our Manager Day in December 2018, it is intended that the management of one sleeve of the Global Equity Alpha Sub-Fund will be delegated to a specialist Multi-Manager. The procurement process for the Multi-Manager mandate will be run via Border to Coast’s procurement portal. If you are interested in further information on the Multi-Manager mandate, please register your interest via the portal to receive updates and gain access to our Prior Information Notice (PIN).


In addition, Border to Coast is holding a conference call on 28/01/2019 to provide further details on the Multi-Manager RFP process. We will be covering:

  • A brief recap on the proposed structure of the Border to Coast Global Equity Alpha Fund
  • Details on our approach to selection and working with external manager partners
  • Q&A

The call will be focused entirely on the multi-manager mandate and thus we would only encourage those interested in applying for this part of the mandate to register. If you wish to reserve a place on the call, please contact Border to Coast onprocurement@bordertocoast.org.uk to register your interest. A recording of the conference call will subsequently be available for any organisation that is unable to attend the call, via email from procurement@bordertocoast.org.uk.

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