Policy Statements

Information Governance statement
This policy describes how we manage the data we hold and sets out how we comply with our legal obligations.
It provides details of who has responsibility for Data Protection, Freedom of Information and the Environmental Information Regulations. It explains what information can be accessed, how we make information available and the process we follow when a complaint is made about our response to a request for information.

Conduct Risk and Treating Customers Fairly statement
This policy describes how we identify and mitigate risks relating to conduct which may result in poor outcomes for our customers. It explains our regulatory compliance standards and the behaviours which are expected of all our colleagues.

Conflicts of Interest statement
This policy describes how we identify and manage situations which could become conflicts of interests for our colleagues. It explains our compliance standards and the steps taken to prevent conflicts of interest from affecting the interests of our customers.

Gifts and Hospitality statement
This policy describes how we manage the receipt of gifts or hospitality to prevent any conflict of interest taking place. It provides details of who has responsibility for approving gifts and hospitality. It explains what gifts and hospitality may be accepted, and which must be refused, to ensure there are no conflicts between official duty and private interests.

Corporate Social Responsibility statement
Our policy on Corporate Social Responsibility is currently under review as the business continues to mature, having launched its first funds in July 2018.
Our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility centres around 5 key pillars to our business, (1) Customer Care, (2) Managing and Respecting People, (3) Business Processes, (4) The Environment and (5) Our Community. It will be closely monitored by our Board whilst in development.

Recruitment and Selection statement
Our policy on Recruitment and Selection describes how we attract candidates for roles at Border to Coast, and the process we use for deciding who to appoint.
While recruiting from a diverse pool of talent, the policy confirms that our recruitment is on the basis of the applicant’s abilities and individual merit, as measured against the criteria for the role. Qualifications, experience and skills will be assessed at the level that is relevant to the role.

Diversity and Inclusion
Our policy on Diversity and Inclusion sets out our commitment to eliminate all unlawful and unfair discrimination.
The policy is clear that we do not discriminate because of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation. Our culture values meritocracy, openness, fairness and transparency.

Information Security Policy Statement