What is it?
The term sustainability originally comes from the concept of sustainable development, an idea introduced at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992. Business sustainability is based on the principle that businesses use limited resources to meet today’s needs while ensuring that resources will be available to meet the needs of future generations. For a business to be sustainable it needs to position itself to thrive now and in the future by managing its risks, being adaptable and recognising how it affects its stakeholders, society and the environment both now and in the longer-term.

What does it mean to Border to Coast?
We take a holistic approach to sustainability and as such it is at the core of our corporate and investment thinking. For us to be a successful, responsible and sustainable company we must engage with and listen to our major stakeholders which includes Partner Funds and Administering Authorities, employees, suppliers, other investors and asset owners, regulators and Government. We invest in our people and our relationships as well as in investment opportunities on behalf of our Partner Funds.
We believe that businesses that are governed well and run in a sustainable way are more resilient, able to survive shocks and have the potential to provide better financial returns for investors. As a long-term investor and representative of asset owners, we will therefore, hold companies and asset managers to account regarding environmental, societal and governance factors that have the potential to impact corporate value. We will incorporate such factors into our investment analysis and decision making, enabling long-term sustainable investment performance for our Partner Funds.

Responsible Investment & Stewardship Reports

 Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure Report

Our Engagement

We also publish information on our role as an active investor which can be found here.

Our Voting

Information on how we vote as an investor can be found here.

Our approach to Responsible Investment

Corporate Governance & Voting Guidelines

Border to Coast Responsible Investment Policy

Border to Coast Climate Change Policy Oct 2021

UK Stewardship Code Compliance Statement

Border to Coast RI – Collaborations

We are also inaugural members of the Occupational Pensions Stewardship Council, which aims to promote and facilitate high standards of stewardship of pension assets.