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Introducing Border to Coast

Border to Coast Pensions Partnership was created to pool the investments of like-minded Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) funds – our ‘Partner Funds’. Established as a regulated asset manager in 2018, we are one of the largest LGPS pools in the UK.

Our purpose is to make a difference for the Local Government Pension Scheme. We seek to do this by providing cost-effective, innovative, and responsible investment opportunities that deliver returns over the long-term. This is on behalf of the more than 1.1 million LGPS members, over 2,800 employers, and the millions of taxpayers associated with our Partner Funds.  We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The work Border to Coast undertakes is centred on ensuring we deliver on our purpose by building a sustainable organisation that invests in a responsible manner.

Our Governance Charter
A view of Steep Hill in Lincoln from the bottom facing uphill.
A view of Steep Hill in Lincoln

What do we do?

We were established by our Partner Funds to facilitate the pooling of their investments with the objective of improving value for money through scale, increased access to investment opportunities, and strengthened governance.

Pooling gives us a stronger voice and, working collectively with our Partner Funds and across the asset owner and asset management industry, we aim to deliver cost-effective, innovative and responsible investment, thereby enabling strong, risk-adjusted, performance over the long term.

Responsible investment runs through all that we do and we are an active steward of our Partner Funds’ assets. We engage with companies on their behalf to drive positive real world change in the belief that this is the best way to both mitigate material financial risks, and unlock greater long-term value.

Further information on our propositions and our approach can be found here: Our Investment Funds and Responsible Investment.

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