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Investment Insight: Engaging to make a difference

Headshot of Jane Firth

The investor spotlight now lies squarely on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns, and for good reason.

Yet it is a fast-moving space – the range, scale, and urgency of issues facing global companies continues to shift. Take the ‘E’ as an example. It was not long ago that environmental issues were viewed solely through the prism of climate change, but other issues – from water scarcity and biodiversity to fast fashion and plastic waste to name but a few – have quickly moved up the agenda. Investors must be able to adapt as our understanding of what constitutes an E, S, or G risk evolves.

So, given the rapidly shifting world of ESG concerns and risks, where should an investor focus their engagement efforts? At Border to Coast we have identified four key themes for 2022 where we believe engagement can make a real difference.

Read the piece in full on the LGC website: Jane Firth: Why the LGPS should resist demands to divest | Local Government Chronicle (LGC) (lgcplus.com)

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