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Climate change is one of the defining challenges of our time. Global temperatures have increased by 1.2°C since 1850, and the rate of change increases year on year. We no longer need to rely solely on the facts and figures as evidence, we can see the impact all around us.

It is clear ‘why’ the world must reach net zero and turn the tide on global warming. For the Local Government Pension Scheme, the ‘why’ takes on an extra dimension. Climate change poses a material long-term financial risk for pension funds and other asset owners with investment outlooks that stretch across decades, and even into the next century.

The key question we are left to answer is how we get there. At Border to Coast we have committed to achieving net zero by 2050 or sooner, accelerating our progress where we can, and have now published our plan to turn this ambition into reality.

In this piece, originally published by Local Government Chronicle, Deputy CIO Mark Lyon looks at five key aspects that he believe will ultimately set us on a successful path to net zero.

Read the piece in full by clicking here: Mark Lyon: Five key steps for the LGPS to reach net zero | Local Government Chronicle (LGC) (lgcplus.com)

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